Remote Work During Coronavirus

It’s been a couple of weeks working exclusively remote. The entire company is working remotely and in this post I want to share what has worked for me.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, our company had a remote policy in place. In my group, some of my colleagues took advantage of this remote option. I like having the flexibility to work remotely 1 or 2 days per week. The commute time is nice as well. There is no traffic to worry about and you save in gas. I can continue with more benefits but I want to share what I’m using to stay productive.

Teams is our collaboration tool of choice. We have our daily stand-up and it has worked great during this time. When we have to collaborate on a project, we share our screens and brainstorm on solutions. There is also less distractions while working remotely.

One of the drawbacks of working remotely is that you missed some of the company perks. Our company has different kind of coffee flavors. I really miss my cappuccino. I also miss going for a walk outside our Addison office. And finally, I also missed the interactions with my colleagues during lunch.

I hope everyone works together in fighting the coronavirus. My thoughts and prayers are with our healthcare workers.

God bless.