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Creating a Virtual Machine using Azure Portal

At work, we use Azure as our primary cloud provider. Our infrastructure runs on Azure and there is a need to learn Azure and its services. With my AWS background, I believe it is going to help me gain a deeper knowledge of Microsoft’s cloud. In the past I have written about Azure but now I want to start preparing for Azure certifications. I need to drink Azure Kool-Aid. I want to start this process by creating a virtual machine.

Let’s create a virtual machine using Azure Portal.

Azure Portal - Create Virtual Machine - Basics
Azure Portal – Create Virtual Machine – Basics

Fill out your basic details like operating system under Image. Here you have linux and windows machines. For this post, I’m choosing an ubuntu server. After completing required inputs on basics tab, I move on to the disk section. Here I accept default parameters. I continue with networking, management, advanced, tags, and finally review and create.

Azure Portal - Virtual Machine - Review
Azure Portal – Virtual Machine – Review

After creating my virtual machine, I noticed that my server is ready within 2 minutes. At this moment, I’m curious what resources were created. At the top of the list, I see my virtual machine. I also see network interfaces, storage account, network security group, virtual networks, and public ip addresses.

Since I’m not going to use this virtual machine, I will delete this resource so I don’t get charge for it. In a future post, I’m going to explore the .NET SDK and create a virtual machine writing C# code.