The Overnight Success that took 4 years

Back in April 2014, I started this blog to share my experiences as a software developer. I was motivated to write by Scott Hanselman. Many articles took long hours to write. Others were written in a couple of minutes. Without a clear goal for this blog, I was determined to help other software developers with common issues. In average, I receive 10 visits to my blog everyday. Recently I have written exclusively on AWS and .NET. Last year I read articles on AWS Lambda and was very impressed with this service. I also watched youtube videos to understand lambda. With this information, I started taking notes on lambda and how to use it with .NET Core.

After I shared this article on Linkedin and Twitter, AWS liked it and they included it on with a short description. This link is taking my blog to a new dimension. I’m getting more visits to my site and I’m happy that someone is starting to appreciate my articles.

It’s been a long 4 years writing technical articles and it’s finally paying off. Like many people say, “this is an overnight success that only took 4 years.”