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Host a website using AWS S3

Simple Storage Service was one of the first services offered by AWS. With S3 you can store your files in the cloud. In addition to storing your files, S3 allows you host a static website. In this post, I will share how to accomplish this task using the S3 console.

First, login to the aws console. Now go to the S3 console and create a bucket. To keep it simple, a bucket is like a folder or directory in your computer. For this example, I’m using agileraymond-web for my bucket name and US Virginia for my region. Click create button to create your bucket. With our bucket in place, we can enable it to host a static site. Select your bucket and click on properties tab.

Now click anywhere in the static website hosting section and select Use this bucket to host a website. I’m going to use index.html for my index page and error.html for my error page. Click save. Go ahead and create these 2 html files. To upload these files, click on the overview tab and click upload.

Add your files and click on upload button. In the overview section of your bucket, you will see 2 files. Currently the bucket and these 2 files are private. Since we are hosting a static website and other people want access to this site, we have to update the bucket permission. Go to the bucket permissions’ tab and select bucket policy. Copy and paste the below policy. Make sure to update the resource name. In my case, my bucket name is agileraymond-web but your’s will be different.
"Principal": "*",

Click save. After saving your policy, you will see the following message: “This bucket has public access. You have provided public access to this bucket. We highly recommend that you never grant any kind of public access to your S3 bucket.” For now, ignore this warning message since this bucket is acting as a public website. This policy allows all object placed in my bucket read access. It is time to test our new website. To get the URL, go to bucket properties and click on static website hosting. Next to the endpoint you will find the url. Copy and paste it in a new browser window and add /index.html to the end of the url. If everything is setup correctly, you will see the index.html page.

To test the error page, go ahead and delete index.html. After deleting index.html, try to browse to index.html. And now you should see the error page since index.html doesn’t exist anymore. As you can see, it’s very easy to create a static website using S3. See you soon!

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