Solutions Not Problems

If you listen to the news, most of the time it’s bad news. If you listen to a co-worker, they are always complaining about other co-workers. Sometimes they complain about their own jobs. They complain about their boss. They complain about rules and regulations. We seem to be inundated with problems and complains. Before I started writing on this blog, I took days to come up with a good domain name. I use and others domain names but they were not perfect for the content I wanted to share.

In the software world, we need business owners, business analyst, software developers, quality assurance testers, and other personnel to create solutions, mobile apps, software products. In my role as a software developer, I need to build solutions not problems. I need to contribute high quality software. I need to fix bugs in a timely manner. My point is that I have to concentrate more on the solutions than on problems.

That’s why I decided to purchase where I’ve shared articles on software development. Most of my articles are related to the .NET ecosystem and tools that have been useful in my 16 year career as a software developer.

Remember this: concentrate your efforts in solutions and not your problems.

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