Best Time to Review Code

Today it’s the last day in our 2 week sprint. We focus on getting stories from peer review to a development complete status. As I was thinking about the last day of our sprint, a question came to me: when is the best time to review code? Mornings? Afternoons? Middle of the day?

One of the most important thing for me is to not lose concentration on the task in front of me. I usually put my headphones on and focus on my task. Headphones block distractions and noise around the office. When it comes to reviewing code, I prefer to do it with a fresh mind and a cup of coffee.

I prefer to review code during the mornings. I have a fresh mind and that helps with concentration and focus. If I perform a code review during the afternoons, I’m usually tired and have seen different projects. My brain has absorbed so my things that it takes me more energy to do my job.

What abou you? When is the best time to perform code reviews?