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I started a new project using Visual Studio 2013 and git. Our repository is hosted at Atlassian’s bitbucket. They also have a nice git client for windows that supports ssh and https. I downloaded that tool and was able to setup my repository using ssh.

Since Visual Studio 2013 has built in integration with Git, I was under the impression that ssh was also supported. I was wrong. Microsoft is using the open source library called libgit2 and that library does not have the ssh features to support it.

If you try to pull or push from a git ssh repo in Visual Studio, you will see the following error message:

An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net (Error).
This transport isn’t implemented. Sorry

After searching online, I found out that this issue is not caused by Microsoft’s Visual Studio. It is the responsibility of libgit2. To work around that issue, you can update the url by updating the config file. To do that, find your .git folder (it might be hidden) and inside that folder, open the config file using notepad. Find the url and you will see that it starts with “git…”. Now find the https url and update it. Now close the config file and you should be able to do all the git operations inside Visual Studio.

I hope you find this tip useful.

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