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What is the future of Microsoft’s Codeplex?


Codeplex is Microsoft’s hosting site where you can create and collaborate on open source software. It is very similar to Github. You can create new projects, host your code, collaborate with other developers, download source code, report bugs, etc.

Last November, Microsoft announced that .NET 2015, ASP.NET 5, and other components will be developed and released as open source. Microsoft has setup the following projects in Github:

When I read Scott Hanselman’s blog posts related to the above announcement, I asked myself why those projects were not hosted at Codeplex. In my opinion, Codeplex is very popular within the Microsoft ecosystem. However, Github is the place where you host your open source project. Github is not tied to any operating sytem. It is very popular in the open source community.

I also read the blog posts in the Codeplex site and the last post was dated 2 years ago. Is Microsoft abandoning Codeplex? Are they concentrating their resources on other projects like Azure.

Let me know if you agree with me.




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