Don’t give up

Don't give up

Sometimes when we fail, we give up. I tried really hard to get a job after college. I went to dozens of interviews and nothing. I was unable to secure a job in information technology. I had no choice but help my parents with their furniture store. During that time, I learned a lot about running a business.

After a few years working for my parents, I decided to start looking for a job as a software developer. I interviewed with a lot of companies but they always wanted someone with more experience. I was worried that I had my college degree but that degree was not enough to guarantee me a job. I was about to give up when someone found my resume online. They were looking for a Junior developer. James, one of the founders of, called me and asked me to come to the Arlington office for an interview.

The interview went well and they hired me to do a little bit of everything. Desktop support, web development, manage their phone system.

I hope you find my story inspiring and remember, don’t give up.


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